If you are the executor in a deceased’s estate, you will be required to carry out the instructions of the deceased person according to their will or distribute that estate under the law of intestate succession if there is no will.             
In many cases, you will be required to obtain either a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration from the Supreme Court.  This gives you the power to collect and deal with the assets in the estate.
Contact us today and we can assist you in: -
  • Working to identify the assets and liabilities of the estate;
  • Advising you as to how the will determines the treatment and distribution of those assets;       
  • Advising you on the treatment and distribution of assets where there is no will;
  • Preparing an application to the Court and explaining the process to you;   
  • Assisting you to give effect to the intentions of the deceased whether by converting the               assets into cash or transferring specific assets to the beneficiaries;                
  • Ensuring you complete the administration of the estate according to law; and 
  • Protecting you, wherever possible, from claims by creditors or relatives of the deceased.
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