Disputes are simply a part of doing business. To minimise the impact, businesses need swift and accurate advice to focus on all aspects of the dispute including likely outcomes. 
Bob is able to discuss, in straightforward terms, the nature of the dispute, the methods by which such a dispute can be resolved including through court and early mediation.
Costs are inevitably involved in identifying strategies and outcomes. We can provide advice on costs throughout any litigation matter.
On the other hand, why not take the proactive approach and consult us prior to any disputes arising. We can assist with contract preparation and standardisation, advise on formalising security over personal property of a debtor and a whole series of other actions which can be taken to mitigate or remove the risk of disputes arising.
Many disputes arise as a result of the parties to a contract not fully considering all matters likely to arise, or having considered those matters, not documenting the terms of any agreement.
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