For businesses in Queensland, one of the most important considerations is a commercial lease. This applies for both retail and non-retail purposes.                   
Accept the wrong lease and it can affect the whole operation of your business, not to mention the adverse effect it can have on resale of your business.
Generally, solicitors for a landlord are experienced in drafting such documentation. It therefore takes an experienced solicitor to give sound advice to landlords and to tenants not just on the basic terms of the lease, but what should be there and, in many cases, just as importantly, what should not be there.
There are many publications available which explain commercial leasing, but the reality is you need a solicitor who can explain the full effect of the documentation and what could be considered to be normal within the industry.
Bob has acted for many major landlords and acts for tenants in numerous and diverse businesses.

We can therefore offer to landlords a perspective on what tenants consider when entering into a lease and for tenants advise on whether a landlord is being reasonable.
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